How to Look Cool While Talking to Women Online in 2022

Have to Flex

Flexing is a term whose definition has evolved over the ages but now a days it refers not only muscles but showing off what you have. Naturally people create assumptions based on the information presented to them, what I mean by this is if a guy posts a picture of his Lamborghini everyday then most people will come to the conclusion that this guy is successful Right? This is a common and natual thing people do to appear in a certain light or to look “cool”. Be aware that flexing only material items only looks cool to materialistic people. My advice to look cool while you flex is to flex something that the person you are trying to impress can relate to. You don’t always have to flex your expensive watch, flex some of your interest so you can appeal to someone with the same interest.

Have to Be Funny

There is no one definition of funny so you are going to have to be creative. Think for a little bit before you send a message if you want to look cool. Find a creative way to express yourself. People will type LOL at anything it doesn’t mean it mad them laugh seriously. There are a lot of ways to be funny especially online, for example some people are known for finding funny memes and videos to share. Others are good at taking funny pictures or having funny reactions to content. Many are even good ate making fun of other people, although this may not be the coolest thing to do but it does have its appeal when done correctly. Your job is just to find out what makes you funny and take advantage of it.


Have to Be Open Minded

If your goal is to be “cool” then do not be the guy that it’s your way or the highway. Be open to different opinions and ideas even if they do not make sense or are against your views. From my experience this is usually where the disconnect happens when attempting to be “cool” online. Most women will really think your cool if you are open to try new things like foods or tv shows. In the end there is no cool rulebook, so my best advice is to be yourself online and if you are cool in your own eyes then nothing else matters.

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