What to do If You Can’t Reset Your Password (Works for Any Site)

Contact Support

If you are all out of options and need to get into your account for any website or application, then you must contact support. I know it may sound tedious and frustrating, but this is the only way if you cannot access your account through the automated ways provided.

How to Contact Support

Some websites and applications do not make it so obvious, for example cash app in its beginning stages only offered an email that you had to google search to reach if you needed support. This caused a bottleneck, and many users were not satisfied with this system and eventually Cash App expanded their support system to provide live chats.

There are a few ways to contact support, it all depends on how the website or application has their support system set up. Most support contacts are made easy to find and usually at the login screen. This is to make it convenient for people like us who are having problems to reach out.

My point is that reaching support may not always be straightforward and easy sometimes a little research is required. It all depends on who you who you are working with and how they are set up. With that being said if customer support contact information is not available on their main webpage, then you may have to do a quick google search to obtain that information.

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